Interrogation Defense

What to do if you are contacted by the police for questioning. Many people believe they can talk their way out of anything, but when it comes to speaking with the police less is more. No matter your situation, any encounter with the police should be approached with caution. In 1966, the historic case of…


Can I get proper medical treatment without health insurance when the other party to an auto accident was at fault in Bullhead City, Kingman or Lake Havasu City?

Everyday in Bullhead City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City there are auto accidents which cause injury to some of those involved. Despite our best intentions many of us are unable to afford health insurance because it can be so expensive.  Chiropractic treatment which is very effective for the treatment of whiplash related symptoms tends not…


Can I keep my Car in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Throughout the recent years I have handled numerous bankruptcy cases in Bullhead City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  I believe many folks don’t even bother to call an attorney because they assume being able to keep their car is not an option. In Arizona, the answer to ” Can I keep my car in…


Who gets sued in a car accident?

Who gets sued in a car accident whether you live in Bullhead City, Arizona, Kingman, Arizona or Lake Havasu City Arizona?  Ideally nobody.  Suppose a driver fails to yield to you on Highway 95 and is cited for the moving violation which caused the collision. Technically you can file a lawsuit against the driver of…


Auto Accidents and Liability

How do you know if you can benefit from an attorney?  First of all most auto accident attorneys do not charge attorneys’ fees upfront, but instead get paid out of the settlement.  So there is no harm in inquiring with counsel as this is known as a contingency fee arrangement.  Auto accidents fall under a…