Where do I go to my Meeting of Creditors if I live in Lake Havasu City and File Bankruptcy

If you live anywhere in Mohave County your meeting of creditors will take place in Bullhead City, Arizona; even if you live in Kingman or Lake Havasu City.  The meeting of creditors is also known as the 341 Meeting where the Trustee asks you questions regarding the veracity of your bankruptcy petition. Your creditors are also permitted to attend and ask you questions concerning the bankruptcy and your finances.

Most people also find it odd that the bankruptcy petition for Mohave County residents gets filed with the court in Yuma, Arizona.  It is actually rare that you ever need to go to Yuma and rare for us as well because all of the bankruptcy pleadings are uploaded to the federal court. Much of the paperwork we handle for you gets mailed to the Trustee in advance of the 341 hearing.

The logistics of a bankruptcy can really take a lot of time to figure out and our office tries to make the process as simple as possible to help you navigate the process.  We are available to assist you and offer free consultations out of our Bullhead City, Arizona office or over the phone.