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If you are caught up in a civil dispute that moves toward litigation, you definitely need strong legal representation, immediately. Mohave Law, PLLC, serving Arizona and Chicago-based clients, provides legal representation for both defendants and plaintiffs in civil suits in both Federal and State Court.

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Clients in Chicago and Arizona turn to our law firm when they need experienced and highly qualified legal representation by attorneys who are hard workers with a strong background in civil litigation. Non-criminal cases handled by Cary Ray Lundberg include a wide array of subjects, such as:

  • business disputes
  • breach of contract
  • fair credit reporting act litigation
  • products liability
  • employment
  • medical malpractice

and more.

Attorney Cary Ray Lundberg

Representing clients in civil litigation requires a special knowledge of all applicable laws, and there are many phases to each legal action. Attorney Cary Ray Lundberg has a strong background of experience in practicing civil litigation. He can handle all aspects of your case, from initial background investigation through discovery, pre-trial, settlement negotiations, courtroom representation and appeals.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

In his experience as a Civil Litigation Lawyer, Attorney Lundberg has helped clients reach their goals of prosecution or defense. His dedication to delivering exemplary legal services with compassion and passion for his clients’ goals and best interests have resulted in a strong record of winning cases.

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The sooner you put Attorney Cary Ray Lundberg on your case, the better. Get peace of mind knowing you have a concerned lawyer who cares about getting you the results you want in your civil litigation case. He will keep you informed and explain the lengthy process of a lawsuit, negotiations and a trial, so that you understand what is happening.

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