Can I get proper medical treatment without health insurance when the other party to an auto accident was at fault in Bullhead City, Kingman or Lake Havasu City?

Everyday in Bullhead City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City there are auto accidents which cause injury to some of those involved. Despite our best intentions many of us are unable to afford health insurance because it can be so expensive.  Chiropractic treatment which is very effective for the treatment of whiplash related symptoms tends not to be covered by health insurance.  So how do people obtain the proper medical treatment when they are struck by a negligent driver in an automobile collision?

The first thing you should do is either go to the emergency room immediately after the accident if your injuries warrant immediate attention or meet with your primary care physician so they can direct a course of treatment.  The next thing you should do is meet with an attorney in our office for a free consultation.

At the outset one of our attorneys will be trying to determine whether or not there is clear liability in your favor.  If you bring your police report with you to the first meeting this will expedite the process.  You should also bring a copy of the declaration page to your own automobile insurance policy to the consultation.  Even if you do not have health insurance you might have “medical payments” coverage under your own insurance policy.  This kind of coverage will pay for chiropractic treatment.  Even if you do not have this coverage and lack health insurance chiropractic offices will work with our firm and take a lien on your settlement  (again, chiropractic care typically is not covered by health insurance).  These chiropractors trust us to refer cases involving clear liability so they have some assurance that their lien will be paid once your case is settled against the at fault party.  Many times we are able to assist you in getting x-rays and MRIs if needed on a lien basis as well as any other type of treatment directed by your primary care physician.

So you can see there are many options to get the treatment you need to get on the road to recovery.  Our attorneys and staff can walk you through the process and all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.  The best part is no legal fees are paid upfront and we are only paid if we win your case.  So what are you waiting for!?….give us a call today at 928-263-2026.