In Mohave County what do I do when I am contacted by an Insurance Company?

Even our rural community of Mohave County has more than its fair share of auto collisions.  Folks living in Bullhead City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City, Arizona should discuss their case with a personal injury attorney very soon after the accident takes place.  The reason is the insurance company of the at fault party will contact you quickly after the accident for a statement.  After an auto accident it is very tempting to talk with the insurance company because we all want to get our cars fixed as soon as possible so we can move on with our daily lives including getting to and from work.

So what should you do when contacted by an insurance company?  Wait to hire counsel and we can make your statement via a signed statement.  Normally the issue of making a statement does not come down to whether you were at fault, but rather funneling you into traps that minimize the value of your bodily injury claim.  The insurance company wants to blame your injuries on some other event if at all possible.  By making a statement too early you run the risk of diminishing the value of your claim.  Not all people are injured in an automobile collision, but many injuries such as soft tissue injuries arise in the weeks following the accident.  The insurance company would love to settle all injury claims for $500.00 and move on which they can do if you sign a release.  Once you sign the release you are bound to the negotiated remedy and cannot later come back with your hat-in-hand and ask for more money – no “buyer’s remorse” allowed rather this is a “buyer beware” type of negotiation.

In other words don’t take on the insurance machine alone.  You need a lawyer in your corner to make certain all of your rights and objectives are furthered.  We can negotiate both the property damage claim and your bodily injury claim.  These are two separate claims.  Our office is in Kingman and we are willing to meet you in Bullhead City as well as Lake Havasu City.  Call us today to get the process started today at 928-263-2026.