Can I get creditors to stop calling me in Bullhead City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City Arizona?

We are often asked, “Can I get creditors to stop calling me?” Once you are facing a negative cash-flow situation within your household budget in Bullhead City, Kingman or Lake Havasu City the stress can quickly mount.  Many of our clients initially seek our help due to job loss versus coming to us as a result of financial mismanagement.

It can be very frustrating to continue to field calls from your creditors as it tends to be futile as for the most part they do not care to take the time to understand your specific financial situation.  By the time clients typically meet with an attorney in our office they can be quite frazzled from taking calls from the various banks.  These bank representatives typically place their calls from a call center and read from a script.  No matter what you tell them such as “I have no money to pay you now or in the foreseeable future” the bank drone will typically reply “so would you like to post date a check or make a partial payment?”  These call center employees are usually reading from a script and not capable or authorized to make any meaningful long-term solutions.  So what can you do to stop the harassment and nonsense?

You can make a down payment on your bankruptcy case which will allow our firm to accept all of the phone calls related to your delinquent accounts.  Once we are retained you can tell your creditors to stop calling you because you are represented by counsel.  Call our office to set up a free consultation to learn more about the process.