Car Accident Lawyers in Arizona

Car accident lawyers in Arizona must consider a number of factors when representing the seriously injured.  Much of the time establishing liability in favor of ones client is easier than uncovering the financial remedy.  Here, the best source of money is typically insurance policies.  Technically, one can try to obtain a judgment and collect against the assets of the at-fault-party, but more often than not the person causing the accident does not have any assets which are worth the cost of seizing.  A competent auto accident lawyer in Arizona will explore the possibility of family derivative liability in a motor vehicle accident case.

Under the doctrine of negligent entrustment, it is negligent to allow a person to use a motor vehicle if the person knows or should know that the entrusted driver is incompetent to drive safely because of a physical or mental condition, See Restatement (Second) of Torts.  The Family Car Doctrine is a public policy that places liability on the head of the family for the negligence of a family member in driving a vehicle under the control of the head of the household, County Mut. Ins. Co. v. Hartley, 204 Ariz. 596, 597, 65 P.3d 977, 978 (App. 2003).  This is a way to find the most insurance funds to compensate for a person’s injuries.  In order for the doctrine to apply three factors must be met:  (1) there must be a family with sufficient unity so that there is a head of the family; (2) the motor vehicle responsible for the injury must have been one furnished by the head of the family; and (3) the vehicle must have been used for the occasion in question by the family member with the implied or express consent of the head of the family for the family purpose, Pesqueira v. Talbot, 7 Ariz. App. 476, 481, 441 P.2d 73, 78 (1968).  Proving this body of law applies to your case requires the skill of a personal injury attorney.  We are car accident lawyers in Arizona.

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