Reducing Bond in Arizona

Reducing bond in Arizona is important because we all can imagine the horror of spending any time in jail.  Not only is time in custody a stressful time for the Defendant, but also for their family.  People accused of crimes and jailed run the risk of losing their jobs as well as the breakdown of family relationships.  It is for this reason and many others Defendants seek the potential for release either with bond or on their own recognizance.  Courts consider several elements when determining release conditions.

Reducing bond in Arizona is usually done by filing a motion with the court.  Once the motion is filed the prosecution has an opportunity to file a written response.  After the parties brief their respective positions on release the judge will set a hearing to determine if the release conditions will be modified.

Courts consider a number of factors in determining if the bond can be lowered, or better yet, if the defendant can be release on their own recognizance (no bond).  Those factors include whether or not the defendant has ever failed to appear for court, the nature of the charged offense, community ties the defendant has to the area in the jurisdiction of the court, whether or not the defendant is employed and whether or not the defendant has a past criminal record.

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