Auto Accident App for Arizona & Illinois

Mohave Law PLLC offers the availability of an auto accident app for Arizona and Illinois.  Mohave County and citizens of other Arizona counties as well as Chicago, Illinois can have this app at their fingertips.  If you are involved in an accident you should first move your vehicle to a safe location.  Second, you should call the police.  Third, you should download the Mohave Law App from Google Play or Apple depending upon whether or not you use an android device.

Once you download the Mohave Law auto accident app. you will see sections for “accident,” “contact,” and “about.”  If you complete the information requested at the scene of the accident the app will record the exact location of the collision.  You will be asked to provide specific details about the other vehicle, drivers’ license number of the at-fault-party and the vehicle identification number of the other person’s car.  Also, and very importantly, there is a section for entering all of the insurance information of the person who hit your vehicle.  Make sure to obtain the name of the insurance company, phone number and policy number.  We also encourage you to take photos of the damage to both vehicles and attach them within the app.  It is often very difficult to obtain later photos of the damage if the cars are moved to a two yard or body shop.  Finally, there is a section for entering contact information for witnesses of the collision.

If you were seriously injured in an automobile accident within Arizona please contact our office to see if we can help.  We understand money in no way substitutes for your loss, but it is the only remedy our justice system has to offer for the loss.  We are available to discuss your options at Mohave Law’s Bullhead City office located at 2020 Silver Creek Road, Suite C-102; Bullhead City, Arizona 86442.  Our phone number is (928)-263-2026.  Illinois residents involved in an automobile collision in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois should contact us at (312)-300-4774.